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有哪些关于马克思经典英文版的名言句子 马克思经典英文版的名言句子

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马克思 Dedicated to Jenny Von Westphalen [1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Written: in November 1836; Source: Marx and Engels, Collected Works, vol。

1, International Publishers, 1975; Transcribed: by jim。




--------------------------------------------------------------------------------* From the Book of Love (Part I) [2] Concluding Sonnets to Jenny I Take all, take all these songs from me That Love at your feet humbly lays, Where, in the Lyre's full melody, Soul freely nears in shining rays。

Oh! if Song's echo potent be To stir to longing with sweet lays, To make the pulse throb passionately That your proud heart sublimely sways, Then shall I witness from afar How Victory bears you light along, Then shall I fight, more bold by far, Then shall my music soar the higher; Transformed, more free shall ring my song, And in sweet woe shall weep my Lyre。

II To me, no Fame terrestrial That travels far through land and nation To hold them thrillingly in thrall With its far-flung reverberation Is worth your eyes, when shining full, Your heart, when warm with exultation, Or two deep-welling tears that fall, Wrung from your eyes by song's emotion。

Gladly I'd breathe my Soul away In the Lyre's deep melodious sighs, And would a very Master die, Could I the exalted goal attain, Could I but win the fairest prize — To soothe in you both joy and pain。

III Ah! Now these pages forth may fly, Approach you, trembling, once again, My spirits lowered utterly By foolish fears and parting's pain。

My self-deluding fancies stray Along the boldest paths in vain; I cannot win what is most High, And soon no more hope shall remain。

When I return from distant places To that dear home, filled with desire, A spouse holds you in his embraces, And clasps you proudly, Fairest One。

Then o'er me rolls the lightning's fire Of misery and oblivion。

IV Forgive that, boldly risking scorn The Soul's deep yearning to confess, The singer's lips must hotly burn To waft the flames of his distress。

Can I against myself then turn And lose myself, dumb, comfortless, The very name of singer spurn, Not love you, having seen your face? So high the Soul's illusions aspire, O'er me you stand magnificent; 'tis but your tears that I desire, And that my songs you only enjoyed To lend them grace and ornament; Then may they flee into the Void! From the Book of Songs [3] To Jenny I Words — lies, hollow shadows, nothing more, Crowding Life from all sides round! In you, dead and tired, must I outpour Spirits that in me abound? Yet Earth's envious Gods have scanned before Human fire with gaze profound; And forever must the Earthling poor Mate his bosom's glow with sound。

For, if passion leaped up, vibrant, bold, In the Soul's sweet radiance, Daringly it would your worlds enfold, Would dethrone you, would bring you down low, Would outsoar the Zephyr-dance。

Ripe a world above you then would grow。

To Jenny I Jenny! Teasingly you may inquire Why my songs “To Jenny” I address, When for you alone my pulse beats higher, When my songs for you alone despair, When you only can their heart inspire, When your name each syllable must confess, When you lend each note melodiousness, When no breath would stray from the Goddess? 'tis because so sweet the dear name sounds, And its cadence says so much to me, And so full, so sonorous it resounds, Like to vibrant Spirits in the distance, Like the gold-stringed Cithern's harmony, Like some wondrous, magical existence。

II See! I could a thousand volumes fill, Writing only “Jenny” in each line, Still they would a world of thought conceal, Deed eternal and unchanging Will, Verses sweet that yearning gently still, All the glow and all the Aether's shine, Anguished sorrow's pain and joy divine, All of Life and Knowledge that is mine。

I can read it in the stars up younder, From the Zephyr it comes back to me, From the being of the wild waves' thunder。

Truly, I would write it down as a refrain, For the coming centuries to see — LOVE IS JENNY, JENNY IS LOVE's NAME。




Everyone to save a little energy, the world to add oasis unlimited。


——马克思 The environment is changed by the people, and the educator 。


Everyone to save a little energy, the world to add oasis unlimited。



The environment is changed by the people, and the educator himself must be educated。

-- Marx



What is in the mountains? CEN many white clouds on only their own pleasure, not to send you "Chao asked Yamanaka He to answer all" poems。

-- Tao Hongjing



Survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest。

-- Darwin


No pollution travel -- don't leave anything except footprints; don't take anything except the memory。



答: The Merchant of Venice(II) PART 1 D: Have mercy on Antonio, Shylock。

Do not be so bitter。

S: I've promised to take my pound of flesh。

If you do not let me have it, that will be a sign of weakness and no one will trust your laws any more。

The 。

The Merchant of Venice(II) PART 1 D: Have mercy on Antonio, Shylock。

Do not be so bitter。

S: I've promised to take my pound of flesh。

If you do not let me have it, that will be a sign of weakness and no one will trust your laws any more。

The greatness of Venice will soon be lost。

Antonio is my enemy, and I hate him。

B: Do all men kill the things they do not love? 译文: 第一部分 公爵:宽恕安东尼奥吧,夏洛克,别这样怀恨在心。





巴萨尼奥:难道所有的人都要铲除他们所不爱的东西吗? A: It is useless trying to argue with Shylock。

Don't wait any longer。

Pass judgement on me and give Shylock what he wants。

B: I'll pay you six thousand ducats for the three thousand ducats that Antonio borrowed。

S: If you offered me six times what you have just offered, I would still take my pound of flesh。

Give me my pound of flesh! D: Let us be calm, gentlemen。

Shylock, how can you hope for mercy yourself when you show none? S: I have done nothing wrong and I fear no judgement。

I desire my pound of flesh。

As the Duke is wondering what to do, Nerissa, dressed like a lawyer's clerk, arrives with a letter from the famous lawyer whom Portia has visited。

While the Duke is talking to Nerissa, Shylock gets ready to cut his pound of flesh from Antonio。

Then the letter is read out for all in the court to hear。

"I am very ill。

When your letter reached me, I had with me a 。

learned young doctor from Rome。

I told him about the quarrel between Shylock and Antonio。

We studied many lawbooks and he knows what I would say。

I ask you to let him stand in my place and give judgement。

He is young, but I never knew so young a body with so wise a head。

" After the letter has been read out to the court, Portia, in lawyer's clothes, enters the room and takes her seat as judge。






把那一磅肉判给我! 公爵:先生们,请安静。

夏洛克,如果你不宽恕别人,你自己怎能希望得到别人的宽恕呢? 夏洛克:我并没有做错事,我不怕审判。











" 这封信当庭宣读之后,鲍西娅穿着律师的衣服进屋来了。


PART 2 D: Greetings, learned judge! I do not envy you your job。

This is a most troublesome case。

P: Greetings! Please be seated。

Are you Antonio, and is this your agreement with Shylock? A: It is。

P: Then Shylock must be merciful。

He must have mercy on Antonio。

S: Why must I have mercy on him? Tell me that! P: Mercy brings good。

Mercy falls like the gentle rain from the sky upon the earth。

It blesses those who give it, and those who receive it。

We should learn to show mercy to others。

Do you still ask for this pound of flesh? S: I ask for what is mine by law! B: I offer ten times the money that Antonio has borrowed。

Please change the law a little so that we may save Antonio。

P: Use your head a little, sir! We cannot change a law。

If one law is changed, then people will later want to change other laws。

S: Oh, wise young judge!P: Let me see this agreement, this promise of Antonio to you。

S: Here it is。

P: I see。

According to the law, Shylock may have a pound of flesh to be cut off by him nearest to Antonio's heart。

Be merciful! Let me destroy this paper。

--No? Then, Antonio, be ready。

And Shylock, take your knife and prepare to do the deed。




你叫安东尼奥吗?这是你与夏洛克签订的借约吗? 安东尼奥;是的。



夏洛克:为什么我必得宽恕他呢?请告诉我这一点! 鲍西娅:慈悲带来益处。



你还要求得到这一磅肉吗? 夏洛克:我要求得到根据法律属。



” 马克思的!























—— 高尔基

Our most beautiful things in the world are by Labour, by human's hand created --


—— 马克思

Physical labor is to prevent the great all social virus disinfectant。



此情可待 理查马克思(美) Right here waiting

生命之杯 里奇马丁(好像是波多黎各) the cup of life

英雄 玛丽亚凯莉(美) Hero

离开的理由 That's why you go away

带我走进你的心 迈克学摇滚 (丹麦) Take me to your heart

妈妈 辣妹合唱团(英) Mama

只要你爱我 后街男孩(美) As long as you love me

金色的光辉 酷玩乐队(美) God put a smile upon your face

音乐剧歌剧魅影选段 夜之乐章 莎拉布莱曼(英) Music of the night

拯救地球 迈克尔杰克逊(美) heal the world

电影泰坦尼克号主题曲 我心永恒 席琳迪翁(加拿大) My heart will go on

电影白夜片尾曲 说你说我 莱昂纳尔里奇(美) Say you, say me

电影保镖主题曲 我将一直爱你 惠特尼休斯顿(美) I will always love you

电影音乐之声选段 哆来咪 朱莉安德鲁斯(美) Do re mi

动画片狮子王插曲 今夜爱无限 埃尔顿约翰(英) Can you feel the love tonight?

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动画片海底总动员主题曲 飞越海洋 罗宾威廉姆斯(英)Beyond the sea

动画片美女与野兽插曲 美女与野兽 新林迪翁(加)皮博布瑞森(美)

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